As of April 5, 2020, Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. has been officially designated by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a life-sustaining business. Accordingly, Steel City Fueling is currently open for business, servicing our customers that are categorized as life-sustaining businesses.

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Professional Fueling System Services.

Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. is certified to perform fueling system installation, modification and removal activities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of fueling systems for emergency generators at hospitals, data centers, airports, telecommunication facilities, coal mines, educational and correctional institutions and mission critical operation centers. We also service hazardous waste and chemical facilities with aboveground and underground storage tanks. Our field foremen carry Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) cards which qualifies them to work unescorted at your Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulated refinery, petrochemical plant, port, marina or other maritime facility. We are also qualified through e-RAILSAFE to work at various Class 1 railroad facilities.

NEW: Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of PADEP Underground Tank Inspection, Aboveground Tank Inspection, and Cathodic Protection Evaluations and Upgrades to our list of services that we provide in-house. The hiring of two new PADEP Certified employees has allowed us to expand our services and better serve our customers.

If you have a storage tank, Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. can provide maintenance, environmental compliance and remediation services. You will receive professional work at fair prices and great customer service when you choose us. Contact us today for more information.

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Who We Are.

Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. is a full service environmental contracting company. We specialize in furnishing and installing turn-key fuel storage and pumping systems for emergency generators and boilers at medical facilities, data centers, coal mines, military bases, universities, airports, telecommunication companies, correctional institutions and mission critical operation centers. On large, complex projects our expertise and attention to detail is applied to all phases of the project. This ranges from preparing equipment submittal packages and permitting to coordinating our work with other trades and installing the equipment in accordance with contract drawings and written specifications. We also prepare operation and maintenance manuals and perform owner training on the equipment we install. At Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. we stand behind our slogan "Fueling The Drive To Excellence". We strive to provide solutions to problems not create new ones. Every day provides a new opportunity to improve and drive forward towards fueling excellence.


Certifications and Area of Operations.

Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. currently maintains certifications for underground and aboveground storage tank installation and removal in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Services in other states are available upon request.

Tank Installations, Removals, Upgrades, & Permitting

DEP Certified in PA


Railroad Locomotive Lube Oil and Fuel Racks

DEP Certified in WV

Categories: UST Installation and Removal

Aviation Refueling Systems

State Fire Marshal Certified in OH

Categories: UST Installation and Removal

Private Trucking & Fleet Fueling Tanks

Underground & Aboveground Tanks

Fuel Management Systems & Card Readers

Installations, Modifications, & Removals

Fuel Purification Systems

Emergency Generator Fueling Systems

Maintenance & UST Compliance Testing

Tank Monitoring & Leak Detection Systems

Dispensers, Card Readers, & Pump Sets

Fuel Maintenance & Purification Systems

Fuel Polishing

Cathodic Protection System Testing, Installation and Maintenance


Environmental Remediation

Soil Excavation & Disposal

Groundwater Remediation

Professional Geologist & Consulting Services

Do you have an aviation fuel farm that needs an upgrade or modification? Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. can help. Our association with quality mechanical contractors allow us to staff your project with ASME certified welders capable of meeting the most demanding job requirements.

Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. also caters to the small business owner who is interested in installing a single storage tank to fuel their fleet of trucks or heavy equipment or municipalities who want an onsite fueling system for their emergency response equipment and police cars. We can fix your aging dispenser or replace your entire system. Want to add a simple card reader or a complex fuel management system for increased productivity and theft control? Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. can do that.

Project History.

Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc.’s first major project was the 2007/2008 installation of the entire fueling system for the boilers and emergency generators at a brand new hospital that was built for the Western Maryland Heath System in Cumberland, Maryland. This project involved the installation of three double wall fiberglass underground storage tanks (two 20,000 gallon heating oil and one 10,000 gallon diesel fuel) and multiple runs of double wall flexible plastic fusion welded underground fuel piping. A photo of the installation of the underground tanks can be found on the home page of our website. Since 2007, Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. has continued to focus on the installation of fueling systems for various commercial and industrial customers and we have found our niche in emergency generator fueling systems at hospitals, data centers, universities, aviation navigation systems and various other mission critical facilities. Following are a few photographs and brief descriptions of select projects we have been involved in over the last 10 plus years.


In July 2010, Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. replaced concrete over top of an underground locomotive lube oil tank and trench drains at the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad fuel terminal and maintenance yard in Butler, PA.

From 2012 to 2016, Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. installed a new concrete truck loading/unloading containment area and replaced four vertical aboveground storage tanks including the entire concrete tank foundation at the Tri State Petroleum bulk plant located in New Martinsville, West Virginia. The four vertical aboveground tanks were replace with three horizontal aboveground tanks that we elevated on concrete piers to reduce the time it takes to load transports.

In September 2017, Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. completed the installation of a diesel fueling station for the cranes that unload shipping containers from railcars at the new CSX Intermodal Terminal in McKees Rocks, PA. This fueling system includes a 6,000 gallon UL2085 Fireguard double wall aboveground tank, a Petro Vend 100 fuel management system to control access to the fuel, a Pneumercator TMS2000 electronic tank monitoring system and a Wayne single product, dual hose dispenser that is hard piped to two hose reels that contain enough hose to reach the crane fuel tanks when they are staged nearby for refueling.

From November 2017 into mid 2018, Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. installed three 20,000 gallon double wall underground diesel fuel tanks and associated piping and pumping systems to supply fuel to the boilers and emergency generators at the NRG Energy Center (now called Clearway Energy, Inc. Uptown) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania next to PPG Paints Arena. The Uptown Energy Center provides reliable heating and cooling and backup electricity to UPMC Mercy Hospital.

From late 2018 into early 2019, Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. replaced the entire gasoline and diesel fueling system for the City of Weirton Department of Public Works.


Starting in late May 2020, Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. began decommissioning all the regulated underground and aboveground storage tanks at the Bruce Mansfield Power Station.

Some of Our Valued Customers.

Below are just a few of the many companies we have had the opportunity to serve.

Visit Us.

Steel City Fueling Systems, Inc. is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 2750 Banksville Avenue, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15216-2806, directly across the street from the exit of the Mr. Magic Car Wash. This location provides easy access to Interstates 376, 279 and 79 and our office is only minutes away from the "Golden Triangle" and business district of beautiful downtown Pittsburgh.


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